Australian based documentary photographer, Patricia Sofra, reviews the way in which culture is embedded in place.

With a firm grounding in street and documentary photography,  a natural eye for impromptu beauty, Patricia has spent a great deal of time in the last few years travelling throughout Australia, Europe and recently dabbling through the Middle East.

In February 2018, Patricia had her first solo exhibition in Melbourne, exhibiting a collection of works from her time in  Samos and Berlin. 

In September of 2017, Patricia spent a month travelling throughout Turkey, producing a collection of landscape, portrait and street images. These photos have gone on to be featured by National Geographic and Qatar Airways inflight magazine Oryx.

Patricia completed her degree in Visual Art, Photography back in 2016 and also has a background in Content Coordination.


2018 - Oryx Magazine (inflight for Qatar Airways) 

2018 - National Geographic: Photo's Reveal Turkey's Lonely Landscapes. 

2018 - Format:  How Artist's See the Environment Around Them. 

2017 - Cinema Thom: GQ Australia x VAMFF. 


2018 - Yoga 37, I’m learning to do the same, slowly, I promise. 

2016 - VCA Gallery, Good grief. 

2015 - VCA Gallery, Don’t drink the milk. 

2014 - George Paton Gallery, Make a fake.

2013 - SAM, The art room highlights.

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